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It’s a pleasure for us to introduce the 2012 and 2013 Xenon twin tip boards and surfboards.
I am sure you are already aware of this brand...As this new brand (around 4 years now) is absolutely amazing; honestly those boards are really great!
We have been working (and riding) with XENON since 2 years now and we became the distributor this year of all the Xenon products in Canada.
Since we know you might be interested in this brand you will find attached the 2012 Xenon Boards catalogue and pricelist. 

Please note that you will benefit from our "Demo Boards Killer Offer", which is 20% off from distribution prices (limited for 1 boards per model). In addition you will have other discounts for 3 boards ordered (not applicable on the Demo Boards Killer Offer).


Xenon boards characteristics:  


- The boards are among the lightest in the industry, if not the lightest.


- One of the lowest rate of breakage and claims, and 2 years warranty!


- The Boards have very unique- "Less is more" design- the latest fashion and trend, always one step ahead of others with strong continuance from year to year.


- Xenon TT Boards are made with real - whole wood core- not artificial or compressed. This is more expansive to produce, but gives great feeling of riding- flex, light weight, pop - and Xenon Boards do no compromise on materials.


- Xenon Boards are made of "Top end" materials- Biax/Triax Fiberglass, combined with Carbon-Kevlar, each one with its characteristics.


- Easy to mount straps and pads - both of Xenon Boards self made moulds.


- G-10 fins- the best in the market.


- The boards handle chop very well, they provide a buttery feeling while riding but uncompromising on the pop -this is the amazing mix of convenience and performance- a hard to find combination in kiteboards.


 - "Idiot proof landings" - the boards, due to their shape, help the rider with landings and enable safe ones. 


- Outstanding upwind ability. 


- The boards perform super well on low wind range, riders can use a relatively small board than they will use riding Xenon Boards, which enable them better speed, lighter and more comfortable riding experience.


- Xenon Boards are easy to adjust to and are friendly to its users because of our concept- to provide a BIG fun factor without giving up high performance- Xenon Boards are for everyone- from beginners, to pro riders!


Changes from 2011 to 2012:




Rayo and La-luz models both got additional strings of Carbon and Kevlar all along the insets line and up to the center tips of the boards.


This keeps our boards with the same outline, still riding with it's smoothness, comfort, explosive pop, easy landings and friendly user- super easy to get used to those boards, but on top of that the boards are:


- Faster responding.
- More responsive & lively feeling.
- A bit stiffer.


New sizes: La-luz 135/41, 138/42
Rayo 137/42 (instead of 138/42) 




Has bit more rocker, which enable to handle chop better, and gives even more "skaty" & lively feeling.


We reduced the weight of the deck, its lighter.


It is not varnished and therefore not easily scratched and more durable.




ALL Xenon Boards have new super attractive- simple but sophisticated design, continued and consistent with previous seasons graphics and whole brand image.


Xenon looks is innovation and welcoming- there is a kind for any choice and taste.






New top layer, allowing extra grip and comfort.




New mould without plastic cambers inside, but still very easy to mount.


The new straps are made with double neoprene wrap, much better looking, feeling and durable.

Xenon surfboardsPrisma and Vidra: 


The foil of the both surfboards is the same
We changed only the thickness and volume especially through the center of the surfboards, and a bit with the rails shape which resulted more aggressive boards but still super easy to ride on all wind-water conditions.


Bamboo deck in prisma,
Ebony deck in vidra,


Both surfboards have extra strength.


 Xenon Boards continue with our fantastic, classic looks of the surfboards.


 You will also find attached reviews and links below where you will be able to judge the quality and the performance of the Xenon boards.

Xenon Contest from FIUNDELER on Vimeo.
Page 169 - a great review of the La-luz board.
Page 179 & 180 - readers award- The La-luz won "The world's most favorite board at 2010" !!!


Please feel free to contact us if you require any additional information or details.

Talk to you soon!
Best regards.

Boots vs straps by Andy Yates! from XenonBoards on Vimeo.