Lessons will generally happen in Terrebonne or on the West Island of Montreal (Dorval, Pierrefonds) and will change depending on the wind direction and snow conditions 

Click here to see the different spots depending on the wind direction. 


How much?

Lessons are normally private (1 student for 1 instructor) for a 3 hours session. The price is $ 100/hour+ taxes per person.

You can have a semi-private lesson with a friend if you prefer (2 students for 1 instructor). the price is $ 70 +taxes / hour per person

How to register?

Just click on the button on the top/bottom of the page.

We will send you text messages each time the conditions are good for a lesson, usually one or two days before. If you can come on that day, answer YES quickly, if not, DO NOT answer, and we will keep on sending you messages until you have a lesson.


Conduct of the course

Day 1

During the first lesson of 3 hours, you will learn :

- How to chose your spot
- Where to stand on the spot
- How to choose the size of the kite
- Rigging the kite: inflation, methods of connecting lines, discovering the security systems of the kite..
- Preparation for takeoff  with the kite.
- Thoery of the wind window
- Theory of landing the kite
- Verification of equipment: harness, helmet, proper functioning of the walkie talkie to be in constant contact with the teacher ...
- In the water, learning how to launch a kite, analysis of various options and understand the risks.
- Learning oriented traction slipping on snow
- Learning relaunch in when the kite falls
- Learning  self rescue, how to gage dangerous situation and recover his equipment safely... Learning to walk with the kite in the air.
- Stabilize the kite in the air with one hand.
- Pratice power strokes
- Get pulled by the kite on skis, for a few meters then brake
- Get going a little bit further each time
- Change direction while stopped, then the same while in movement
- Practice until autonomy
- Properly pack up the gear

At the end of three first hours, it is strongly recommended to buy your own equipment (kite, harness, board) to continue the course. Our dedicated team will be able to guide you in your purchases.

For sure , if you want you can take as much lessons as you want with our equipment.

Day 2

During the second appointment if needed, we will:

Work on the problematic aspects and make you an autonomous rider


From this point, you begin to practice alone, simply supervised by the instructor who will be all other days on the spot.

Day 3

It is you who contact me for 10 or 20 minutes to just help unlocking certain skills (riding upwind, jump, change direction...)


Before the lesson


We recommend you to pass by the shop before taking the lessons to get learn more about the equipment and to read all the informations on your website concerning the lessons.

The purchase of a Trainer Kite and a DVD will allow you to accelerate considerably your learning during the first lesson.


Kitesurfer dans la poudreuse