You can rent a SUP, we have inflatable or hard SUP. The inflatable ones are the best to travel with, they are easy to carry around. Vous pouvez louer un SUP, nous avons des SUP gonflables, idéal pour transporter car ne prennent pas de place ou des rigides (il vous faudra des racks et sangles pour les transporter). Ils sont disponibles au magasin de Montréal, pour:

For rental by the hour: Visit SUP MTL 

  1/2 Day 1 Day  Weekend (2 days) 1 Week
INFLATABLE (paddle included) 30$ (+tx) 45$ (+tx) 70$ (+tx) 200$ (+tx)
HARD (paddle included) - 55$ (+tx) 80$ (+tx) 280$ (+tx)

 Accessories available for rental : Waterproof bag : 5$/day

Example of an inflatable SUP available for rent


A deposit of 30% of the amount taxes included has to be paid during reservation. 

A deposit of the brand new value of the equipment will be asked when you pick up the gear. If the equipments are lost or damaged, we will ask you to pay for the repair or for new equipement if lost/stolen.

Short Story of SUP

The sport was born in 1960 in Hawaii, but was quickly overwhelmed by the arrival of short boards. SUP returned to the front of the stage during a competition in Hawaii still held in 2004. Since this discipline has developed gradually and is now popular.

SUP or Stand Up Paddle is a parent discipline of surfing where the surfer is standing on a board longer and wider than the classic longboard. SUP board can measure between 10 and 15 feet long, is between 3 and 4.50 meters.

The SUPeur moves using a paddle. When you want to surf a wave, it is propelled using a paddle to gain sufficient speed.

It goes by the weight of the body and the paddle, then used as a pivot point, relied on the water side of the hollow wave. If the size of the SUP surfing can think of soft waves or flat, Laird Hamilton, Dave Kalama and others have pushed the limits of this type of surfing tackling big waves or very large.

SUP is also and above all a discipline of walking on flat water. The Stand Up Paddle board can weigh up to 25 pounds for a volume of 250 liters. It allows almost everyone to practice this sport very easy.

You can paddle standing, kneeling or even belly with arms. SUP has grown rapidly over the calm waters, lakes, ponds, but also the streams, rivers and the ocean.