With good wind conditions, and on several spots located 30 minutes from downtown Montreal, the KITEFORCE school proud member of the Fédération Québécoise de Kitesurf (FQK) will welcome you everyday, all year long with its young and dynamic team. 

Arthur enseigne le kitesurf à un élève

KITEFORCE, led by Arthur de la Mauvinière, offers you many kitesurfing and snowkiting lesson options. With a 20 years experience and qualifications , Arthur and Jonathan teach daily week and week-end total beginner to expert through a practitioner through.

Arthur en seadoo avec un étudiant

 Kiteforce avec un système de communication

We chose to put our focus on an individualized pedagogy with 2 students maximum per instructor. The small size of the group allows to get a better learning and individualized lessons.

Most of the time, the lessons are private lessons. We take 2 people if you ask us to. 

The lessons occur every day of the week, as soon as the wind blows enough.

The spot where the lesson will occur will be known the day before, depending on the wind direction. 

After you register on our website, you will receive text messages on your cellphone to inform you of each kite lesson. 

You just need to answer YES or wait for the next message. 

1. The school gear is new and in very good shape so that it meets the safety and quality requirements. 
2. The school updates each year the equipment, to have the last evolutions. 
3. Several types of kites are available.
4. And if you have your own equipment, it is possible to learn with it.
5. Walkie Talkies are used during the lesson so that you can always hear the instructor and he give you some advice you non stop.

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