Cours particulier de kitesurf à Montreal




Kite landboard lessons are given mostly in Varennes, Beauharnois and Venise en Quebec. They vary depending on wind direction. Lessons are given on grassy area or on sand



Private lessons are 87$/h +taxes. All the equipement is included

Comment s'inscrire?

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We will send you text messages each time the conditions are good for a lesson, usually one or two days before the lesson. If you can come on that day, answer YES quickly, if not, DO NOT answer, and we will keep on sending you messages until you have a lesson.


Informations générales

Kite landboard is a high adrenaline sport like kitesurfing and snowkiting. Furthermore,it does not need much wind as the friction is less than on water. It's an excellent way to get introduce to the kite sport family. Progression is fast and will accelerate your learning on the water. Kite landboard brings the kiting season to 12 months a year when combined with snowkiting and kitesurfing.

Lessons are given with walkie-talkie so students get real-time feedback

Performant Landkiting Equipment

The scholl equipment is in very good condition and fully meets the requirements of quality and safety.

The school annually selects recent equipment.
Several types of kites are available.

If you have your own kites equipment, it is quite possible to come with it. If you choose to buy a kite, we will work initially with your kites.


À savoir avant le cours

We recommend you to pass by the shop before taking the lessons to get learn more about the equipment and to read all the informations on your website concerning the lessons.

The purchase of a Trainer Kite and a DVD will allow you to accelerate considerably your learning during the first lesson.