Cours particulier de kitesurf à Montreal




The lessons are generally Baie-Des-Brises or at Venise-En-Québec, depending on wind direction and weather conditions.

Click here to see the different local spots and their working conditions


PRIVATE LESSON: $115/hour + tax per person, all gear is included!

How To Sign-Up?


Once the inscription form is filled, you will receive text messages when lessons are being planned. We typically send these messages out 48-24h in advance, once we are certain of the wind conditions.

If you are available, respond YES as soon as you can. If you are unable, please IGNORE the message and wait for the next one!

In order to book a lesson you must have filled the form and received a message, no exceptions!

Day 1 (3h)

On Land :

·                  Wind Theory (Wind Window, Power Zone, Neutral Zone, etc)

·                  Spot Assessment

·                  Choice of kite and kite set-up : inflation, line connection, safety systems

·                  Preparation for kite launch, spot check

·                  Gear Check : harness, helmet, booties, and radio to keep you connected to your instructor


In the Water :

·                  Launching and landing training, environment analysis and risk assessment.

·                  Kite control in shallow water, all the way to body-dragging (downwind and upwind)

·                  Relaunch training when kite is in the water

·                  Self-rescue, or how to collect your kite after a quick release in a safe and autonomous manner

·                  Board handling in the water, while maintaining one hand kite control

·                  Steady-pull exercises, starting to generate traction with the board on the feet

·                  First water-starts

·                  First short and long rides!!

·                  Kite packing, and proper gear handling maintenance etc



After your first 3h lessons you can consider making a gear purchase (Kite, Bar, Harness, Board). However the gear will remain included in the lesson cost and be at your dispositioned if desired or needed!

Our specialised team at the shop can guide you through your first purchase!


Day 2 (2h)

Introduction to your purchased gear.

Review of first lesson

Continuation of board-work :

·                  Water-starts

·                  Up-wind riding

·                  Transitions

·                  Positioning

·                  Extended rides


Day 3 and +

Personalised service:

Possibility of full lessons, or 20 minute briefings to target specific issues!

Progression / Coaching :

·         First jumps

·         Advanced transitions

·         Strapless progression

·         And even more!!



At this point you are free to practice alone, under supervision of the instructors that are on the spot!!




We recommend passing by the shop before your lesson if you have any more questions or concerns, as well as to check out the gear options both used and new!


A trainer kite and the progression DVD can give you a nice head start at your first lesson