Halfway between Kitesurfing and Windsurfing, here is the WING!


An inflatable wing, but without the lines and without mast foot, that you hold in your hands, and which will allow you to propel yourself thanks to the wind, ideally on a board equipped with a foil for the most seasoned riders in order to make the best use of wind energy.


For novices in Foil, and to begin and learn the handling of the Wing, it is also possible to begin on a non-flying support, such as a SUP (Stand Up Paddle) equipped with fins. (DRIFT STOPPER)


Unlike kitesurfing, practicing Wing does not require large open spaces for take-off, nor regular winds. We will then be able to take advantage of the wind and surf the windswell of all our means and small lakes in Quebec. And many new accesses to the lakes can be exploited.


In our opinion at Kiteforce most of the fun in winging is in the surf, putting the wing off in 1 second and going into surf mode in swells of 2 feet or more, it is an extraordinary feeling.


Always hungry for new practices, new ways of riding, and watermen of experience, we have been practicing WingFoil ourselves for over a year.

We are equipped with the latest gliding and wing technologies to help you discover this magnificent sport.

The KITEFORCE school offers Wing lessons in the Montreal area, in LACHINE / VAUDREUIL / POINTE CLAIRE


------------------------------- CONDUCT OF THE COURSE -------------------------------


Phase 1 (1 hour lesson)

The course represents 15/20 minutes of piloting on the wing on land and simulation of ascent on the board. After which, we will start on a SUP equipped with fins for non-foilers or on a high-liter wing foil board for seasoned foilers.

We will prioritize downwinds for learning, so practice on spots where the wind blows side shore.

Phase 2 (rental practice)

From there, there is a lot of independent practice, in rental, you have to start to feel and understand the sail for yourself.

Phase 3 (15/30 min lesson)

If you are able to go upwind on the sup several times in a row and you seem comfortable, we will give you a try on a foil board with a large volume to be more stable and a foil with a large surface for facilitate and stabilize the flight.

----------------------------------- RATES -----------------------------------

100$/h course

60$/h rental with foil board

30$/h rental with SUP (with drift stopper)