REEDIN - Feather LW


Perfect for lightwind, Downwindboard


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This board opens up a new world of light wind riding. The narrow outline allows you

to get up to speed effortlessly in the lightest breeze for the easiest take offs. We mean

no hard crazy leg and arms pumping, which allows you to easily focus on keeping

your wing up, allowing you to use wing sizes that you were previously making technical

launches with.


Use it with a smaller wing for that amazing light wing feeling or get on with a big 9.2, 8.2

or 7.2 in winds you previously had no idea you could have fun in. Once up, the centered

position and narrow body makes turning extremely easy, while the super hydrodynamic

shape makes touch-downs more forgiving than ever.


Also of course amazing for downwind paddling!


Don’t be scared by the narrow width, the foil keeps the board very stable at low speeds

while the volume allows you to stand easily on the board.


Volume      Dimensions
100L 7’2” x 19”1/2 x 5”5/8
125L 7’5” x 19”1/2 x 6”3/4


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