REEDIN - FLIGHT ATTENDANT FRONT WING (780-980-1280-1480-1880)


CARBON FRONT WING (Protective cover provided)

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780: Made for wave riding and wing freestyle at an intermediate to advanced level, or a kite foiler of any level. This wing can be pushed super hard while remaining predictable and the easy takeoff and fast jump recovery is perfect for freestyle tricks. (Pair with 198 Stab)

980: Very capable surf foil, all round wing foil for most riders. The 980 is meant to be a blast to play around with in the surf. More glide than the 780 with top tier turning. (Pair with 198 Stab)

1280: Amazingly easy to take off, forgiving and stable while also allowing for great top speed a great turn. the 1280 could be your only wing for all conditions. (Pair with 221 Stab)

1480: Feels smaller than the area would suggest. The glide is great, turning smooth, and it’s surprisingly fast! (Pair with 221 Stab)

1880: Provides great lift with very low take off speed and like the rest of the range can also go really fast. the maneuverability is also like no other big wings! (Pair with 227 Stab)

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