ICI x AROUND Kite Journal

Record your unforgettable memories and progress faster with the Kite Journal by ICI x AROUND.

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Record your unforgettable memories and progress faster with the ICI x AROUND Kite Journal.

(Only available in French for now. English version available in pre-sale)

Ready to embark on a unique kitesurfing, snowkiting, or wing experience? The Kite Journal is here to accompany you on all your adventures! Designed by a passionate kiteboarder and travel enthusiast, this notebook will be your best ally in capturing every moment.

After each session, write down your impressions and observations of your attempts, both successful and unsuccessful, to achieve your goals. Re-read your diary regularly to remind yourself of these observations and make better progress. More than just a notebook, it'll help you set personal goals, track your progress and meet future challenges. Whether you're a seasoned kitesurfer or just discovering this exciting sport, the ICI x AROUND Kitesurfing Journal will faithfully accompany you along your path of progress.

Enjoy recording the incredible spots you've discovered, the new tricks you've mastered, the combinations of weather conditions and equipment you've used, all in a personalized notebook tailored to your passion for kitesurfing, snowkiting or wing. 

Share your experiences, tips and knowledge with other kitesurfing and wind sports enthusiasts. Together, you can inspire and support each other in your quest for incredible adventures.

Don't let your memories blow away! Seize the opportunity to purchase the ICI x AROUND Kite Journal and create an indelible record of your memorable sessions!

Size :  6,13 x 7,75 inches - 19,7cm x 15,4cm

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