MYSTIC - TRACTION PAD 3 Piece Tail + Front (Ultralite)

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Our best sessions are made possible by traction that's doing what it's supposed to. The 3 Piece Tail paired with the Front Traction Pad is our ultimate setup, making sure we've got enough grip for control, sharper turns, and harder snaps. This setup was crafted from our Ultralite tech, EVA foam that's 3mm thin. The traction pads feature a mix of corduroy and brushed grip that offers some freedom of movement. The tailpad's got a kick of 30mm, including an arch support of 5mm to help push back on maneuvers.
Kicktail (30mm)

Arch support (5mm)

1mm Corduroy grip

Multidirectional brushed grip middle panel (front pad)

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