AK - Method FLAX FUSION RS V3 Waist Harness RATCHET


Aerobar RS – Quick ratchet adjustment.
Ergonomic hardback support.
FlaxFusion construction featuring ampliTex™

All sizes available in 2024 ! 

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The Method RS FlaxFusion waist harness features all the crucial elements of a classic hardback, but with added edge flex and accurate anatomical curvature for the ultimate ergonomic fit.

The harness has been designed using years of composite experience, combined with a polymer supporting structure for a 3-stage flex pattern. With maximum stiffness through the center, and flexibility along the harness edge, the hardback is able to flex along with your body’s movement.

The innovative Aerobar RS uses an intuitive quick ratchet system that keeps you locked in, and allows for on the go single handed adjustments while riding.

Sold with the Aerobar RS with an optional Kite Hammerhead Hook or Windsurf Hook.

Note: The rope slider is only compatible with the Dual Latch-Lock version of the Aerobar, and not the Aerobar RS.

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