In order to take part in our courses, you need to know how to swim and be comfortable in the water.


Should I have experience in a similar wind derived sport to be able to kitesurf?


Learning to kitesurf is easier if you already have some basic knowledge of a related wind sport, but that knowledge is not necessary. The most important aspect is to learn how to manoeuvre a kite with two direction lines, that will make you gain time when attending your first classes. Also, having experience in a traction sport, such as mountainboard, will help you with kitesurfing.


If I'm a windsurfer, is it easier to switch to kitesurfing?


If that's the case, your knowledge of stability on a board will be a good advantage. But keep in mind that the notion of controlling a kite will be a new challenge. Once you've adapted that notion, your learning curve should be quicker.


Is there a minimum age to take kitesurfing classes?


13 years old. But, learning how to control a kite on land can be taught at an earlier stage.


Is there a minimum weight ?


No. Your physical condition is way more important than your weight. Almost all the Kitesurfing companies build kite materials for all different weights.


Is kitesurfing a very physical sport ?


Learning to kitesurf requires a fair physical condition. During your first classes, certain body muscles will be solicitated on a different level then usually. It is recommended that you have a good stretching session before you begin your courses.


How long will it take before I can become more comfortable on the water ?


An average of three sessions is usually adequate to feel comfortable on the water. Like in every sports, some people might feel confident after one session, as some others will need a little more time before they can enjoy the ride. Learning kitesurfing is not a race, every person should learn at their own pace. The important lesson is to know how to be secure on the board and on the water.