What kind of material do I need to Kitesurf ?

The basics are: a board, a kite, a holding bar, strings, a harnest, a helmet and a lifejacket. 

Depending on the weather a wet or dry suit.


What size kite should I use ?

A:The size of your kite depends alot on your weight and your level of strenght against the wind. The easiest way to find the right kite for you, is to ask other riders that are the same weight and that are at the same level as you. You should always try before you buy. There is not A kite that will do the trick for all wind conditions, therefore you should have 2 or 3 different kites for different wind conditions.

Here is a tab that summarizes the size of kite you need depending on the wind and your weight:


What is the ratio of a kite ?

A:The ratio is the proportion between the height and the size of a kite. A kite with a large ratio will have a shorter lenght with a large size, this kite will be more performant but less stable and harder to manipulate.


How long can I expect to keep my kite ?

A:If your kite is rinced in soft water, dried and properly stored, without being exposed to sunrays, it should last you 4 years. Be sure to know the historic of a kite when you buy a second hand one.


How can I keep my kite in good condition ?

A:Make sure you verify your kite before and after every use and fix any problem on the kite right away. A couple of tips: Always store your kite when it's dry. You should shake your kite instead of rubbing any sand. Always get rid of any sand in the fabric so it doesn't use you kite prematurely. Do not leave your kite in the sun, in the wind and don't step on it.


Where should I buy my kitesurfing gear ?

A:Kiteforce, of course ! We have a great team with good knowledge of the sport, you can tryout the material and we have the best prices around. Kiteforce garanties your satisfaction.