inspiration kite

Inspiration multiple patents and Brittany

In the 60s, the concept of being towed on the water by a kite have in mind several inventors.
Evidenced by Jacob's Ladder, a catamaran pulled by a train of kites or birdSail a rig halfway between the windsurf and kite (patented and manufactured by the Roland Breton Le Bail, 1982)
But it was not until 1984 that Dominique and Bruno LEGAIGNOUX two Breton watersports enthusiasts started their work and filed the patent for curved wing with inflatable structure.

History of kitesurfing

Following a long period of R & D to improve the concept, with priority objectives: upwind, go faster and relaunch water. During this period they will manufacture several prototypes wings 5 to 17 m2, with extensions and profiles.
They participate in their first Speed Week in Brest in April 1985 and get the Ingenuity Award.



Kitesurfing is born!

In the late 1990s, Manu Bertin from Hawaii with a wing Legaignoux brothers. With Laird Hamilton, they test the wing with a surfboard.


Robby Naish will be the first manufacturer to believe in this new sport. In 1996, he bought a license to Legaignoux brothers, and go! Thank you thank you!

intro snowkite

The story Snowkite

Kitesurfing is officially born in 1996. After a flying start on the water, a handful of enthusiasts, lovers of skiing and freedom transposes discipline on snow and develops a new form of slides Snowkite is born!
It is a discipline combining a spectacular kite traction support glide (ski or snowboard) on a snowy surface.
The power of the kite enables the practitioner to ascend the slopes (as a breast bone), drag especially at high speed and perform jumps and tricks, bringing an extra dimension to the navigation. Climb 1000 meters in 15 minutes


"On the snow, this new sport has the advantage of allowing the practitioner to have its own non-mechanical lift. Snowkiting can jump, fly, to walk around in a universe virgin closer to nature! A gateway to hiking and freestyle ... "